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FOUR Weeks Training + FREE Uniform OR Boxing Gloves For Only $39.95

(gloves and uniform valued at $85)


If you’re looking for somewhere your whole family can train while still focusing on yourself, or a place where experience and qualifications mix with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Bendigo Mixed Martial Arts Academy is the place to be.

Start Your FOUR Week Training For Just $39.95

Plus get:

  • FREE Uniform valued at $85 OR
  • FREE Boxing Gloves valued at $85


  • A choice of fitness programs including Adult, Teen, Children’s classes, Boxing and Women’s Self-defence
  • Flexible and affordable membership options
  • Fully equipped facilities with padded flooring and walls crash mats and bags
  • State of the art gym
  • The opportunity to train in affiliated martial art schools around the country or internationally for up to one month at no additional cost

My daughter has been studying Karate at Bendigo Mixed Martial Arts for 5 years. A fantastic Dojo with great instructors, that teach a balance of karate and life skills in a family friendly, fun & nurturing environment. They cater for all ages & all levels and everyone is made to feel welcome. It really is a step above the rest for Martial Arts in Bendigo.

~Kristy Deane – Mother

I have been competing in mixed martial arts for over 10 years, I have trained in facilities all over Europe and America and Australia. The facilities at Bendigo Mixed Martial Arts blew me away when I walked through the doors. The centre boasts state of the art facilities with specialized areas for Karate, Jiu Jitsu and Boxing, the facility rivals the best in the world and with experienced coaches in each field the facility provides everything you need from raw beginner to professional.

~Richie Ivory – MMA professional

Before I stared training Jiu-jitsu at FIT-Republic I was very out of shape, had a long list of unhealthy bad habits and was uninspired to change my situation. I went to my first class and was met with friendly knowledgeable staff and immediately made friends with other members of the gym, that motivated me to continue. Now i have replaced those bad habits with good ones, not only do i train Jiu-Jitsu but I also attend kick boxing classes and weight train, just a few of the options I have at FIT-Republic. Walking through the doors was the first step on the road to recovery for me and because of Fit-Public I've even won some medals and made some friends along the way.

~Alex Fitt – Jiu-Jitsu student

My daughter and I have been training together in Karate for 3 to 4 years now. We both really enjoy it and get so much out of it.
Physically it keeps us fit, gives us stamina and provides us with important self-defence skills.
As a parent I am impressed at how it has helped to make my daughter a more confident, centered and respectful individual, and provided her with leadership skills and qualities, which she carries through into her school life.
For myself, I love the constant challenge and continuous journey karate provides for being the best ‘you’; physical and mental control, power, speed and endurance.
There is always a friendly, respectful and encouraging atmosphere at Bendigo mixed Martial Arts, and there are opportunities to help others along on their journey too.

~Steve Floreani – Karate Student

Since taking up BJJ & Muay Thai at Bendigo MMA, my son’s life has changed for the better. He has learnt self-discipline, confidence, focus and has a new-found passion. This journey took this once lost little boy and put his life on track to lead a positive life with a purpose. He has a clear vision of how he wants his future to look. This wouldn’t have been possible without the impressive facilities, incredible support and professional coaching staff. Coach Richie Ivory has been a role model and mentor for my son, his knowledge and expertise is second to none.

~Shannyn Stevens 

When You Are Set Up To Succeed, Nothing Can Stop You!

Your goals, your vision, your dreams are important to you and helping you reach them is important to us. We are committed to ensuring you have everything you need to make your goals a reality.

In just a matter of weeks, you’ll get:

  • Personalised tuition from fully qualified, experienced and passionate instructors
  • Fun and dynamic classes to help with weight and increased muscle mass
  • A boost in fitness levels as your stamina starts to increase
  • The practical skills you’ll need to effectively defend yourself and your family
  • The opportunity to train for a match or tournament

This Is A Limited Time Offer Only So Take That First Step NOW

We are so committed in our desire to help you reach your goals, that if after the 4 week period you decide martial arts is not for you, you will get your money back…GUARANTEED!

REMINDER: This is a limited time offer and there has never been a better time to start making your goals a reality than now.


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